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Why I am switching to Google Plus and Google Circles Invite Giveaway

Posted on: July 4th, 2011 by sathish View Comments

I’ve been trying Google circles for past few days, I really like it a lot over facebook. The two main selling points for me are:

  • Fine grained privacy control
  • Media sharing

Fine grained privacy control

I am no rock star. But, I have a public life side of me, (educational videos on youtube and blog posts). In facebook, I only had two options, seem rude to people who are interested in me or Giveaway every single detail, I would share with my closest of friends

Google Circles on the other hand, handles multiple levels of privacy very delicately, as every normal man expects

Media sharing

I previously had photos on my phone taken on the go, they were beautiful, and I wanted to share them on facebook. For, some reason I didn’t like the idea of facebook app on my phone. So, I had to transfer photos to PC and upload it to facebook. Considering, my geek skills it is not a tough task, (Hell, not even a task). But, still those photos never found their way into facebook. Why? I’m lazy.

Now, in android and Google plus integration, I have more reasons to be lazy and still get to share my photos with ease, without going through, the hassle of one very easy extra step. It may not seem like a lot, but, you’ll see the difference, once you, use it

Google Plus / Circles Invite Giveaway

Since, Google Circles is not open to all, and uses invite only system, you may find it hard to find an invite. If that is the case. I can help you by initiating the invite process. To get an invite, do the following steps:

  • Leave a comment with your Email Here
  • It is not an invite, but it kinda is, in other words, if it doesn’t work, smile and go do what you were doing and try after a few hours
  • Use Google Chrome, (I’m not sure about this, my friend said, the link worked on chrome, not firefox, It may be superstition, So, if the link does not work of firefox or IE, Try it with chrome)

Got an invite? Show some love by clicking +1 on atthy home page. Thanks and enjoy, Google Plus.

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  • Axe

    I’d love an invite. Please send one to thehedgehog@gmail.com

  • Sathish


  • Sathish

    check your mail..

  • Alexlamore
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000943652916 Nick Birsa

    I would love to try this out.

  • Sathish


  • Sathish


  • Sathish

    Sent!!! Check ur Mail

  • Lorand Laskai

    I’m dying to try this out.
    lorand.laskai@gmail:disqus .comThanks!

  • Sathish


  • Orikie
  • Sathish


  • Jez Wong
  • Sathish

    sent!! Please reply here, If you’ve got the mail!

  • Edwin Morin
  • Jez Wong

    Nothing yet, nothing in spam either.. Like you said may take a while. Thanks in advance very much @sathishmanohar:disqus !

  • Sathish

    Or, may be!! Something is wrong with the method, I currently use, If this doesn’t work, I’ll send using another method tomorrow..

    Please be patient.. Thanks :)

  • Jez Wong

    Cheerz, I appreciate you doing that. After reading your review on the Google circles and media sharing, I can’t wait to jump ship.

  • MaciejW2x

    maciejwmaciejw@gmail.com  - Could you , Please?

  • Ben Saunders

    wow.. ben.saunders10@gmail.com   – id love to try this out..

  • Kigurame

    would love to try it :) kigurame@gmail.com

  • Rodolfo

    I want to try it: rodolfo.andres10@gmail.com

  • http://profiles.google.com/rainfall2112 Randy Treibel
  • Doneb88

    I’ll give it a try: doneb88@gmail.com

  • Dklf

    Drizzyyyy@gmail.com            Thank you!

  • Alexlamore

    many thanks!

  • Behooved

    Wow, thank you! behooved(at) gmail.com

  • Marcbeirowski

    Please send me an invite loki365@gmail.com

  • JEz Wong

    I got the email invitation, but the page that comes up is the same as when you go to plus[dot]google[dot]com says it’s full capacity at the moment. Thanks

  • Navu Gill

    Add me to the circle plz… :P  

  • Sav Extra

    Want to switch to google plus as well
    sav.extra@gmail:disqus .com

  • Arasius
  • Sathish

    Shared post with everybody so far, all these emails should receive an email, within few hours.

    If it is full, keep trying after a few hours. Thanks :)

  • Sathish

    you’ll need a Google account :)

  • Nav Gill

    Thanks Sathish.   I am on Google+ now. :)   – Everyone having trouble, keep trying after a few hours.  I had been trying the link since morning and just got in tonight. Make sure you have a google profile so it lets you in straight away.

  • http://twitter.com/infopush Kolja van Horssen

    Hi I’d like to receive an Invite for Google + / Circles. Big thanks.


  • http://twitter.com/infopush Kolja van Horssen

    I’d like to receive a Google + / Circles invite. Big thanks.


  • Michael Weaver

    I’d REALLY like to start using Google+ / Circles, it looks to be better implementation than facebook! :)


  • Sathish

    invite sent!!

  • Sathish

    invite sent!!

  • Sathish

    invite sent!!

  • Maemaeee

    I’d really like to give this a try! Much thanks :) )


  • Sathish

    Invite Sent!! Enjoy..

  • Ashwin Kumar

    i would like to get an invite on google + 


  • Susan Gates

    Google plus/Circles invite please…must I have chrome or not?

  • EC

    An invite on google +  pleasekoooouchuang@gmail.com

  • nikhil

    please invite , beingnihkil@ovi.com

  • Sathish


  • Sathish


  • Sathish


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