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Complete Tamil HTML Video Tutorials

Posted on: April 29th, 2011 by s4thish View Comments

We Love To Teach Web Design and Technology. As a first step of it. We have created completed set of HTML Video Tutorials in Tamil language. Hope you find these useful. Stay Tuned For More Tutorials!!

Text Editor Introduction

Difference Between Text – Rich Text – Binary Files

Introduction to HTML Language

HTML Tags and Structure

HTML Elements

HTML Attributes

HTML Heading and Paragraph Tags

HTML Strong Break and Em Tags

HTML OL UL and LI Tags

HTML Img and Anchor Tags

HTML Images as links

HTML Passing values through urls

HTML Div Id Class Language

HTML Nested Tags and Relationships

HTML Comments

HTML Tables

HTML Entities

HTML Forms – Part 1

HTML Forms – Part 2 Checkbox Radio-Buttons

HTML forms – Part 3 select textarea fieldset

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  • Surendranath1973

    very nice tutorials thankyou

  • Sathish

    Thank you.. Your Appreciation is what keeps us going :)

  • Surendranath1973

    hai sathish, please tell me how i download your tutorials
    surendra, guntur

  • Sathish

    I will upload a video tutorial on, How to download youtube videos.. kindly subscribe to http://youtube.com/sathishmanohar

  • Sadmo

    Not bad

  • Sadomo

    Ennda Onnum sari Ilai. Poi Vera Yedhavu Pozhapa Paru.

  • saravanan

    hi friens your tutorials are nice,thankyou
    i have designed a webpage in adobe fireworks,how to export it(CSS & HTML) and edit using adobe dreamveaver…
    waiting for your reply….

  • Sathish

    Will upload HTML/CSS tutorials soon.. :)

  • saravanan

    Thanks dude….

  • Vidhyabio10

    hi sathish ur html tutorial enaku romba useful ah erndhathu.clear ah purngathu.thank u so much.neenga nadula aditha jokes um nalla erundhathu.nan bore adikama one day laiye kathukiten.very nice job.carry on.

  • Sathish

    Thank you :)

  • Hayath

    this video is very usefull for entire tamil studet you do really good job keep it up.

  • Rajesht33

    is Site5.com best for hosting and does we need pay pal account to buy domain & hosting or we can use our debit card(ATM cum debit card)

  • Sathish

    There is no such thing as best hosting. Site5 works for me, hopefully it works for me too. :)

    Its worth mentioning, their support, its been very good.

    You can pay through credit card or paypal I guess, I use HDFC Virtual credit card (Netsafe Card) option to pay my bills.

  • Rajesht33

     Thanks Anna,its very useful

  • Sung17

    Is there any online geninue job avalible

  • Srvnkmr1983

    Hi  am a beginner for Web designing……….. Ur tutorials was very very usefull to me……. thanks……….

  • Kani

    Hello, This HTML Tutorial is very useful, but if u show it in Zoom we can see the comments easily. 

  • Kani

    Hello, Did u upload CSS tutorial in Tamil. I am eagerly waiting for ur CSS tutorial. Your HTML tutorial is very useful . 

  • Riyas

    hai very nice tut

  • shrinivas

    hai, can you tell me difference between position:absolute and relative and where can be used this two poisitions in details..

  • mohamed imad

    how i am can take all toutarial in one video

  • karthik

    bro meethe part varala plz help you

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