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Android is direct threat to Windows and Mac

Posted on: May 21st, 2011 by sathish View Comments

Everybody was Excited when google unveiled Open Accessory API at Google I/O, Earlier this month. So, Finally everybody can make hardware devices that works well with android phones, It is a great move by google, its mutually beneficial for Hardware makers and Android.

The possibilities are endless, In the near future, I see a bunch of new start-ups, based mainly on Open Accessory API. Many of them are going to make hardware, that were unimaginable few decades ago. But, what about the oldest hardware devices of all? Yea. Keyboard and Mouse.

Android ADK, allows users to create hardware devices with standard USB interface. That rings a bell now? No? Really No? That means Google Now has all the tools needed to create a real “Post-Pc” Device. Remember, USB Keyboard and Mouse are already available in market? Android Tablets will use keyboard and mouse as input devices, that means end of the game for windows and Mac. (Well, that was outrageous, maybe start of end)

Android Tablet connected to keyboard and Mouse via USB

I know some of you are yelling, “Really? A post-pc device is another PC??”. The answer is yes. The world will always need a “Desktop PC”, you, know the thing with big monitor on the table, a keyboard to type and a mouse to use when bored. Mobile Phones and tablets are only easy to use on the go, Not for long hour work. Humans will always need to sit at a desk to do long stretch work. Atleast until, Brain wave readers go main stream.

So the question is, wheater your next PC is windows, mac or Android.

This post is based on my assumptions. I’m not talking with facts here, just saying about the direction, google might be heading with android. You can call me bullshit in the comments section. What do you think?

PS: I vaguely remember keyboard and mouse were mentioned during Android ADK talk, but I can’t see that, in current Youtube version. I sometimes day dream while seeing a video, Or did Google really cut out the keyboard mouse portion?

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  • Martygwilliams

     My android tablet already supports usb keyboard and mouse. Just plug them in and rock on.

  • http://www.tenshu.net/ Chris Jones

    What you’re talking about doesn’t sound like what I saw discussed in the IO announcement of the ADK… also I think you’re a bit confused about what USB is and how it works.
    As far as I remember they were talking about devices communicating with the android over an RS232 protocol – that’s a serial port (also available via Bluetooth which can encapsulate serial data).
    For what you are talking about, it would make much more sense for hardware makers to just put a USB OTG (On The Go) port in their phones – that way you can operate it in either host or device mode (where normal USB ports are either hosts or clients and can’t switch). Assuming the Android kernel still includes drivers for USB controllers and the devices you want to use (in this case, HID devices like keyboards and mice), it would all Just Work.
    That has nothing to do with the ADK though, that’s just the Linux kernel doing USB like it always has :)

    (Personally I think USB OTG is woefully underused, and the ADK is a good addition to Android. iOS devices have had these features for a while and it’s nice to see Google paying attention)

  • Darin

     What an idiotic idea.  Android is a half ass version of Linux designed by Google to monetize peoples personal information.  

  • Sathish

    Thanks for taking your valuable time for posting such an insightful comment..

    I’m by no means a hardware geek, not by a long shot.. I was excited about the idea of standard USB in tablets, so, I thought this might be possible, but, as you pointed out there are clearly, technology hurdles, but I’m extremely optimistic, people will find creative workarounds to make future computing interesting..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAI64LPW77GFM73RTZ2OLZYABQ Boris G

    why do you need USB when you have Bluetooth? 

  • Sathish

    I think bluetooth can be paired with one device at a time, may be I’m ignorant.. USB hubs can be used to connect multiple devices.. If multiple devices can be connected at the same time using bluetooth or some sort of wifi profile, that doesn’t drain battery, then I’m all for it, I hate wires too. :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/justin.forder Justin Forder

    From Wikipedia: “A master Bluetooth device can communicate with up to seven devices in a piconet. (An ad-hoc computer network using Bluetooth technology) The devices can switch roles, by agreement, and the slave can become the master at any time.”

  • Sathish

    Thats great, now my main concern are battery and support for different devices, USB can connect flash drives, external HDD right?

  • Anonymous

    it’s very convenient.

  • http://www.tech45.com/ Rob

    Well, Unix/Linux and Macs are there since more then a decade but they never was able to acquire windows share, do you know why ?, simple, windows is being used by enterprise users and they have too much money invested in windows apps which may not work with android.  Also, windows is coming up with windows8 next year which will take some share from android and ipad likes.  So, windows is good for atleast next 4 years but Microsoft have to play carefully here or they will be out for sure.

  • Luther

    Android was not designed by Google. They “acquired” the android project and made improvements to it.

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